Migrations from Africa to Eurasia, Oceania

1. Compare & contrast migrations from Africa to Eurasia, Oceania (Australia & Pacific Islands), & the Americas, how they have been portrayed, & the reasons they were/are portrayed so.2. What specific evidence proves or disproves one of these, & why are they taught or not taught in schools? A. Proven migrations to the Americas before Columbus. 3. How could certain pivotal events in history turn out differently? Choose one of the following & argue for an alternate history into the present using evidence & thoughtful analysis:B. Carthage & Alexandria destroy Rome in 200 BCE. Islamic technologically advanced Africa dominates a pagan tribal Europe with a Viking slave trade, & wars upon the Americas. (Lion’s Blood & Zulu Heart)4. Compare & contrast the development of religious & philosophical systems of two beliefs following a letter: B. Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Catholicism, Coptic Christian.C. African traditional beliefs, American Indian traditional beliefs, Pacific Islander traditional beliefs. (Do not portray the hundreds of belief systems within one set as “all the same.”) This class is for World civilization 1 class, but I could not find on the subject, so I thought the world History was the closest subject.Much appreciate if you can answer these.Thank you.

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