Mind Games

Psychology 110 I need help with this Final Project – Mind GamesThe key requirement is that the game—which can be entirely unique or modeled after an existing game (e.g., Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly)—should be designed so that advancement or success in the game is dependent on knowledge of psychological concepts covered in the course. You should design the game for 2-6 players, and so that it takes approximately 20-30 minutes to play (or get the gist of the game). The games must also include clear, step-by-step instructions as well as all props needed to play (e.g., dice, cards, board, scoring sheets, etc.). If the game is software based, be sure to bring in a laptop as we will not be using the classroom computer.During Week 8, the teams will all be split and the games will be played. There will always be at least one player at each game who helped co-create the game, and thus it will be up to them to ‘host’ the game, teaching others how to play and at the end debriefing how the game aids in expanding psychological knowledge. The professor will randomly play at each game, so it is important that all group members are prepared to host.Considerations: Decide early whether you want to cover a wide arrange of different topics or if you want to create a game that goes into one topic or chapter into greater depth.200 points -Clear demonstration of knowledge in topic area(s) – 75ptsClear instruction of game and debrief of knowledge – 50ptsPlayability/Fun factor – 25ptsOriginality/Creativity – 25ptsPresentation: Neatness/Quality of design/Visual impact – 25pts

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