Mindfulness essay on children with ADHD

by | Mar 16, 2021 | College (3-4), Research Paper

This assignment will be a research essay on a mindfulness/meditation-based practice for children with ADHD. try to find research that explains how they specifically benefited from it rather than not. email me with any questions thank you very much

The paper for this class gives you an opportunity to explore an effective application of mindfulness practice. This is a chance to further investigate mindfulness with a population and in a setting of interest to you. The paper will include a literature review, including relevant research in your area of interest. You will be highlighting at least 4 articles from journals (not websites, blogs, magazines or newspapers please) addressing the specific applied area of mindfulness of your choice. At least one of the articles should discuss an actual research study. You may also want to include theoretical or research based material from a book as one of your sources. You will also be asked to include a potential model of implementation. How would you actually share mindfulness with this population? What practices would you include? You can base your model on formats that already exist, or you can create your own. In any case, be creative in adjusting this model to include what you believe would be most effective.

You paper should be written in the following format:

In an introductory paragraph, describe your general area of interest. Which population is your main area of focus? What is the situation or difficulty and what do you believe would be helpful? This should set up why you chose the articles and mindfulness model discussed in this paper.

In the next group of paragraphs provide an overview of the literature, and then describe and critique the articles you chose. How well designed are the studies in this area? How would you improve these studies? What do you still want to know?

Finally, describe the mindfulness model that would be applicable to your population, whether based on an existing model or created by you. In either case, clearly explain the setting and appropriate age for implementing this model, including any preparatory work and materials that would be needed. Include an appropriate set of approximately 8 mindfulness sessions for use with the specific child, adult, or group population of interest to you. Explain the rational for this set of exercises.

In your concluding paragraph, describe where you think the field of study in your area of interest needs to go from here. What information would be useful to you in your future work? What is missing in the research at this time? Are there new applications you would like to see being explored?

The paper should be typed with a font size of 12, and double-spaced. Please cite your studies in a reference section at the end of your paper, using APA format. There is no specific length requirement. The paper should be just as long as it needs to be! Please submit this paper on line through canvas.

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