Wired for Success by Dr. Daniel Amen

For this Reflection Paper, read the eBook Wired for Success by Dr. Daniel Amen, 12 Steps to creating a brain healthy life & Enhancing Everything you do. It can be found in “Content” in the Stress & The Mind Module.

You will do a mini-ebook report highlighting three (3) of the 12 Steps that you find most relate to you, and why. One of the three must be Chapter 9 and getting rid of the ANTS in your mind. What are ANTS, and how many types are there?
Summarize what you learned in these three chapters, and explain exactly how you might take some actions (3) to be Wired for Success!
You must discuss three actions you can take to improve in these three areas you have selected. Be specific, draw from this eBook, info in class, or even an article in Resources Section in the Wellness Inventory on “Thinking”.
Requirements: 3-4 pages typed, Arial 12-pt font, 3 full pages typed is minimum.

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