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Hands-on MIS Application Software Exercise Solution Store & Region Sales Database This exercise helps students understand how a raw file of sales transactions can be analyzed to produce valuable information for managers.  Your challenge is to ask the right questions about the data and then present your case! Import the data into Excel or Access (or compatible spreadsheet/database). Use the data to perform the below analyses:

Analyze ALL THREE of the below items:

1. Best Performing Regions by Total Revenue

2. Best Performing Stores by Total Revenue

3. Best Selling Products by Total Revenue Select ONLY ONE of the below items: A. Strongest Selling Period for each Product by Total Revenue B. Strongest Selling Period for each Region by Total Revenue C. Strongest Selling Period for each Store by Total Revenue

Provide a business case in the form of ONE descriptive paragraph of 250 words and ONE data table — for each analysis.  Each paragraph must refer to the information presented in the table using the labeled Table #. Use APA format to label your tables.

SUBMIT your final report with one WORD document and one EXCEL/ACCESS file.

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