Critically evaluate the current political and technological drivers associated with mitigating CO2 emissions in the UK. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.78).

The carbon dioxide emissions in UK take various forms. These include emissions relating to the production of goods and services produced by the various businesses, emissions from household generation through private motoring and heating, and the emission related to imported goods and services. The carbon dioxide emission reached the peak in 2004, after which it has fallen considerably. Emissions from agriculture and food services have decreased.

Some key products groups that have shown an increase in carbon dioxide emissions include the warehousing and imputed rent services, fabricated metal products and the publishing services. The increased emissions from goods and services is related to the increased rate of spending offset by carbon efficiency during production and the shift to low carbon intensive products (Dixon & Bahleda 2008, p. 56).

Over the period, the household emissions associated with imports, either for individual consumptions or businesses contribute considerably to the increased carbon dioxide emission in UK. However, the direct absolute emission from the household consumption is relatively constant, with emissions from heating fluctuating depending on the severity of winter. The private motoring increases the level of carbon dioxide emissions due to increased travel by motor cars, which has been offset by the introduction of highly fuel efficient vehicles (Edmunds & Wise 2011, p.90).

The emission of carbon dioxide in UK has shown tremendous decrease due to the displacement of coal, which is the main source of carbon emission, with other fuels like electricity and nuclear power. However, there has been annual variation in the level of carbon dioxide emission since 1990s, with no defined upward or downward trend. In 2006, the emission from energy supply was the highest followed by emissions from road transport. Emission from business and household emissions formed the lowest percentage.

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