Modern kitchens

Modern Kitchens specializes on sell prefabricated kitchens. The company has stores in all major capital cities throughout Australia. It’s been established since 2001 and has seen tremendous growth but more recently has seen several overseas competitors enter the Australian market resulting in an increase in competition. This increased competition has placed significant pressure on containing costs and drawn management’s attention to a review of working capital practices. Detailed below are relevant figures and ratios to assist you in evaluating Modern Kitchen’s working capital management. Working Capital Ratios            2016               2017               2018               2019Accounts Receivable Days       14.0 days        18.1 days        23.1 days        31.9 daysInventory Days                        16.0 days        19.1 days        21.9 days        25.0 days        Accounts Payable Days            14.1 days        21. days          29.0 days        37.0 daysNote: Ratios are based on assuming end year figures are the average throughout the majority of the yearExtracts from Financial StatementsCash on hand                          0.20 mill         0.15 mill         .01 mill           (.003 mill)Sales – all on credit                  8.1 mill           6.9 mill           8.0 mill           9.0 millAccounts Receivable Balance   0.3069 mill      0.3453 mill      0.5044 mill      0.7894 millInventory                                0.1754 mill      0.2186 mill      0.2712 mill      0.3219 millCost of Goods Sold                  4.0 mill           4.2 mill           4.5 mill           4.7 millAccounts Payable                    0.1534 mill      0.2417 mill      0.3574 mill      0.4762millBudgeted Figures                    Cash on hand                          0.3 mill           0.3 mill           0.31 mill         0.32 millAccounts Receivable Balance   0.30 mill         0.31 mill         0.37 mill         0.38 millInventory Balance                    0.16 mill         0.17 mill         0.20 mill         0.21 millAccounts Payable                    0.16 mill         0.17 mill         .19 mill           0.20 millAccounts Receivable Terms     14 days           14 days           14 days           14 days Accounts Payable Terms          30 days           30 days           30 days           30 daysIndustry AveragesAccounts Receivable Days       14 days           14 days           15 days           16 daysInventory Days                        15 days           16 days           16 days           15 daysAccounts Payable Days            30 days           28 days           25 days           20 days

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