Modes of international transportation

Research paper on the five modes of international transportation. Needs to be 1 page. The five operating processes are delivering products and services, and managing customer service, management and support services (development and management of human capital. managing information technology. managing financial resources. acquisition, construction and management of property. managing Environmental Health and Safety. managing external relationships. and managing knowledge, improvement and change). In this regard, the PCF model has strong and direct links to logistics management activities which are most evident in the delivery of products and services within the operating process phase. As such, since the motor carriage under land transportation is the most common and widely used, affordable and accessible mode of transportation across all industries, organizations and countries, this mode of transportation plays a significant role in the PCF model for the supply chain management. Governing rules, regulations are simple and universally known for motor carriages. Furthermore, motor transport is cheaper and costs associated with operating, maintaining and sustaining the vehicles for delivery are cheaper when compared to other modes of transportation. As emphasized, the PCF model contain process elements that are applicable to organizations regardless of industry, region, and size. thereby, the use of the motor carriage parallel the model’s thrust in making effective delivery of products and services across industries, making its role important for easy and most affordable access in supply chain management of major organizations worldwide.&nbsp.

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