Module 8 Option #1 Portfolio Project

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Accounting, College (3-4)

Module 8 Option #1 Portfolio Project: Form 1040, Schedule C, Schedule D, Schedule E, Form 8949

Jenny Walters is a marketing assistant and earned $38,000 in 2018. She is 42 years old and has been divorced for five years. Jenny will claim head of household for 2018. She has a daughter, Julia, who is 20 years old. Julia is a full-time student. Here are some more tax facts:

Jenny’s SSN is 123-34-4567 and Julia’s is 654-32-1234.
Jenny’s address is 100 N. Main St., Atlanta, GA 30301.
Jenny receives $1,200 per month in alimony from her ex-husband.
Jenny owns a rental property with the following financial data:
Rental Revenue – $50,000
Insurance – $5,000

Repairs – $10,500

Depreciation – $4,000

Jenny has interest income from corporate bonds of $2,200 and interest from municipal bonds of $1,000.

Jenny also paid the following expenses: State income taxes of $5,800, charitable contributions of $12,500, and medical expenses of $5,795 for insurance premiums; $1,100 for medical care expenses; $350 for prescription medicine; $100 for nonprescription medicine; and $200 for new contact lenses for Julia.

Jenny received disability insurance payments of $1,200.

Jenny runs a small business from her home giving piano lessons to kids on weekends. She had the following transactions from it: total revenue $10,000; office supplies $500; teaching materials and supplies $1050; concerts and field shows $1500; repairs and maintenance of pianos $950; wages to a teaching assistant $1000; payroll taxes $765; business insurance $420; occupational taxes and license $160.

For your final Portfolio Project, submit the following: Form 1040 (Pages 1 and 2, Schedules C, D and SE, Form 8949, Schedule E).

Please use the PROCONNECT Online Tax Preparation Software or fillable forms. Submit your portfolio as PDF or as embedded PDF forms in a Word document. You may also convert all your PDF forms into Word documents and submit the whole portfolio as a single Word document.

You will be working on these forms throughout the course in the Portfolio Project Milestones (I’ve attached what I have so far) and getting incremental feedback from your course instructor. Use this feedback to make improvements or corrections before you submit your final forms.

Note: All forms referenced in this assignment can be accessed through PROCONNECT (Links to an external site.) or by visiting (Links to an external site.)

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