Moral Analysis

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Instructions: Read the paragraph below. Follow the links and read the articles. Based on the information obtained, analyze the situation using the model of moral analysis, and then answer the questions below.  

Purpose: This assignment is intended to introduce you to a topic that violates the legal perspective on ethics, yet public opinion remains mixed on whether it is an ethics violation.

This assignment helps to achieve course learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3 and module learning outcome 3.4.

Even today, some wireless networks are unsecured. While this is less common than in past years, because most routers now come with a password activated as a default (older routers had passwords turned off by default, and many users lacked the skill to activate them.)This means that anyone, without permission, can access the wireless network, and use someone’s internet connection. In extreme cases, people have even downloaded illegal forms of pornography, or uploaded viruses from someone else’s network. In most cases however, it is someone checking their e-mail, the weather, Social media, or other innocuous activities.

 Below are cases in which someone was convicted of “unlawful access to a computer network” for using someone’s wifi without permission. read the articles, then answer the questions below the link.

Also read the following:

1) Is it unethical to use a wireless network without the owner’s permission? Make sure to research both sides of this issue. This topic draws strong emotions, so there are some very biased sites on the subject.

2) Are there any situations in which your answer to question 1 would change? What situations, and why? Think carefully about when a waiver of such a law might be appropriate.

3) defend your answers to question 1 and 2, using the material in the text. Make sure to use the different ethical foundations, like contributive liberty, or utilitarianism to explain your reasoning.

4) What would you do, if you were the person in the first story linked above? Why?

5) Had you considered the possibility of the situations in the 3rd-7th articles, when thinking about connecting to WIFI?

 To turn in your paper, save your work using word document format .doc or .docx.  For the file name, use your last name followed by the number 1 (e.g. thomson1). Turn in using the assignment dropbox..

 ******All 4 assignments are to be turned in using the above method, but with the appropriate assignment number (1, 2, 3 or 4)

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