Morals in society

Create a thesis and an outline on Does the Code of Morals in Society Create Order or Chaos. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Moral code derives its powers from Natural order in any given societal setting. The natural order is the authority that is derived from a moral source which can also be termed as natural law because it stands for the close natural relations of human beings in the absence of legal law-divine law or positive law, of the land (Zaborowski, 2010). Moral code has its roots deeply embedded in the societal harmony context or subscription to the same ideologies that sort of creates a sense of morality to individuals. The natural order is the harmony that is achieved by default because it is inborn and individuals within a given societal setting fit in seamlessly as if with no effort at all because it a structure that they find themselves aligned with as they interact with society and the world at large. At some point code of morals shape the natural law an example of parents instilling values in their children according to the beliefs of their definition of values and are morally right according to the parents.Order always champions chaos in a given societal setting. Chaos can hardly be avoided because it is linked to individuals’ self-interests other than for the good of society (Zaborowski, 2010). This particular order that progresses eventually over chaos can be termed as spontaneous order. Spontaneous order is majorly found in social networks and creates social orders that counter self-inflicted chaos. The moral code that guides this process is based on the social structure other than the organizational structure in which guidelines are fixed over a period of time. In economics, spontaneous orders encompass the free market economy as an example process of evolution of this particular order. Murray Rothbard, a philosopher was out to prove spontaneous order to be an order that prefers mankind to be left alone other than being governed in decision making that relates to their environment that is bound by their societal boundaries. The philosopher proved that order precedes chaos and a moral code is an infrastructure that ensures chaos is noticed and dealt with order (Rothbard, 2009).

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