Which of the following procedures is not associated with the “mortification of the self”? Select one:

a. admission procedures

b. release procedures

c. contaminative exposure

d. regimentation

e. all of these procedures are associated with the “mortification of the self”10 Which of the Management Theory perspectives first researched the attitudes, sentiments, and feelings of workers in the organization? Select one:

a. Psychoanalytic perspective

b. Human Relations perspective

c. Postmodernist perspective

d. Scientific Management perspective

e. Critical Theory perspective

11 Which of the following iconic individuals was not associated with the paired organization? Select one:

a. MacDonald’s: Ray Croc

b. Wardair: Max Ward

c. Wal-Mart: Sam Walton

d. Apple Inc: Steve Jobs

e. Ford Motor Company: Mayor Rob Ford

12 In his classification of the different roles performed by managers, Mintzberg did not include one (or more) of the following roles. Which one(s) did he not include? Select one:

a. interpersonal role

b. interactional role

c. informational role

d. decisional role

e. both a and d

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