Multimedia Tools in Dental Nurse Trainings

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Importance of Multimedia Tools in Dental Nurse Trainings. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The authors confirm that multimedia has in a larger scale helped to increase the efficacy of the learning process (Hayes, 2008, 243 – 253) It has been confirmed that the optimal use of technological training strategies including creativity can ensure effectiveness and proper meaning in the knowledge deliverance process (Hayes, 2008, 243 – 253). Hayes (2008, 243 – 253) has critically examined the role of several creative multimedia instructional approaches with relevance to the students’ approach towards multimedia based instructions before making these conclusions. The ethical aspects of computer-based training also have been confirmed to be positive (Hayes, 2008, 243 – 253).The specific role of PowerPoint and other multimedia-based training resources in training dental nurses has been also analyzed by a number of researches. Sheridan. Gorman and Claffey (2008,225-32) has critically studied the response of dental nurses towards a technology-assisted learning environment. The study was based on the training of dental nurses at National Dental Nurse Training Programme of Ireland and evaluated the nurses’ reactions to the multimedia-based training resources. The study opines that so as for the dental nurses to adapt to the modern-day dental surgery requirements, they need to have the highly precise technical skills (Sheridan. Gorman & Claffey 2008, 225-32) In turn this needs highly effective training system based on visual multimedia tools. However, for the appropriate introduction of multimedia resources into the training system including online learning activities demands the proper adaptation of both trainees and trainers Sheridan. Gorman & Claffey 2008, 225-32) The study further points out the need for monitoring the technology-based training system through assessment of the feedback from the beneficiaries.&nbsp.&nbsp.In conclusion, Sheridan, Gorman, and&nbsp. Claffey (2008, 225-32) have opined that the dental nurses who were included in the study responded well to the multimedia-based learning environment.

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