Multiple regression analysis

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Assignment

When you conduct your multiple regression analysis for this assignment you should not turn in a paper you submitted in an earlier course or use the same variables that you used to conduct a multiple regression. Please note that SafeAssign will match your assignment to your submission(s) from the earlier course and it is not permissible to reuse work from previous courses 

To prepare for this Assignment

Based on the dataset attached, construct a research question that can be answered with a multiple regression analysis.

Write a 1- to 2-page analysis of your multiple regression results for each research question. In your analysis, display the data for the output. Based on your results, provide an explanation of what the implications of social change might be.

NOTE FROM PROFESSOR:SPSS Assignment – Please use the SPSS Template (ATTACHED). On SPSS assignments the results should be between 2-3 paragraphs. This does not include the preliminary information (i.e. introduction, research question, hypotheses, and variables). All of the tables should be after the 2-3 result explanation as well. 

For the multiple regression assignment this week you don’t have to complete the assumptions. You are more than welcome to as I will give you feedback without it affecting your grade. This would be good for those of you that plan on using a multiple regression for your dissertation. For the assignment all you need is the outputs of the multiple regression and the results for the regression. 

4. A Running head is always nice to see in assignments, as its APA, however, it isn’t required on your assignments . When you get to later courses, though, it will be. Again, you are welcome to include one and I can give you feedback without it affecting your grade.

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