Museum Paper

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Art (Fine Art, Performing Art)

Metropolitan Museum of Art ART107 – Art and Culture 
Museum Paper

A. Choose one work of art at the Museum to discuss that somehow connects to your world. Does not have to be a work or art historical period discussed in class.

B. In paragraph form , Identify : Title – Artist (if known) – Date—Region–Period/ Style -Medium/materials- (any other identifying information)

C. Include Visual Representations (Sketch and Photo).

D. Discuss the Following:

Start by Describing what you Observe. Provide a Summary Description. Include the following:

Artistic Elements: Line, Shape, Value, Form, Space, Color, Texture. This section should be at most 2-3 paragraphs. Integrate your discussion of the artistic elements.

Also integrate other appropriate terms that have been presented in class. You should correctly include at least five-seven (5-7) TERMS presented in class.

Also, present information about the Function of the work (purpose of origin, why was it made?). And discuss its Medium. If applicable, discuss anything symbolic about the work.

E. – Using another source, (preferably found through ESSAYS, or – or both) research additional information about this work of art. Investigate something about the work that tells you additional insights about the context in which it was made. This can include period costume, political circumstance, historical information, customs, religious affiliations, etc. Your words ought to be your own and include source citation.

F. Find and describe information about the work as it relates to your world. Be as specific and subjective as you can in describing this. This should reflect a thoughtful discussion of your own experience. This section should be at least a paragraph. This section focuses on a subjective analysis.

Due: December 7, 2022. You should not submit it before Thanksgiving.
Approximately 5 pages typed , plus cover page, and illustrations. Include citations and works-cited information. Does not need to include a diagram. Needs sketch and photograph.

Use MLA Style. Utilize at least one outside source (, in addition to the museum. Please use museum’s Timeline of At History.

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