See the virtual museum tour, use that. Make sure to include the links for your virtual tours in your Museum Review.

Go through the museum and look at the art displayed
Select a piece of art
React to the art
Find out about the art
Complete the museum review sheet below –

Name of the Museum

Date of visit

Overall impression of the museum

Organization of the collection (chronological, subject, artist, medium, etc)

Title of artwork



Time period (label, not date–This means things like Renaissance,Cubism, Surrealism, Impressionism, Ancient Greece, Baroque, etc.)

Description of the piece

What stories or historical events does the piece reference (if any)?

Think about the time period in which the artwork was made…what parts of the art fit in with or reflect its artistic time period (That means style & theme, not clothes, etc)?

Why, of all the stuff in the museum, did you choose this piece?

What is your favorite thing about the piece?

What would you change about the piece if you could?

Personal response or reaction to the piece

Did you think it was different seeing art in person than seeing pictures of artwork on the screen in class?  Why?  What was different?

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