Museum visit artifact essay discussion

by | Mar 19, 2021 | College (3-4), Religious Studies

Religious Artifact/Artwork:

1. What object (painting, sculpture, architecture, portrait, mandala, tankha, scroll, manuscript, etc.) did you choose?  Give a brief summary of its historical production and current mode of presentation.

2. What religious teachings are possibly encompassed in your interpretive

experience with the artifact?  Give details about your phenomenological and

hermeneutic (i.e. interpretive) experience with the object.

3. What is something that left you confused and/or perplexed about the artifact?  This could be about a specific belief or practice, an interpretation of an image or icon, a character, deity or any historical or fictional person being referenced or worshipped, etc.  Just identity something that you are uncertain about and would like to learn more about.

4. What is something that surprised you (i.e. didn’t fit with your expectations) either positively or negatively about your interpretive experience with the artifact.

5.  Formulate one pointed research question you would like to ask to as a result of your interpretive experience.

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