Communication Strategies

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Assignment

For this assignment, you will need to consider the nature and effectiveness of different communication strategies and apply them to your own experience.  You will need to consider the nature and effectiveness of the different communication strategies and techniques that are used in communicating across different cultures and how it improves one’s ability to connect with each other in a business setting. It is also true that certain other factors, assumptions, or beliefs can get in the way of effective communication.

Introduce your essay by discussing why effective communication is important in the business world. Next, discuss one specific strategy that facilitates or supports effective communication in a multicultural work environment, and identify why it is effective. Then discuss a communication inhibitor that is, a factor, an assumption, or a belief that can undermine effective communication in a multicultural work environment.  Identify how and why this inhibitor gets in the way of effective communication.  

Finally, offer an example from your own experience of a communication event that you have either witnessed or participated in that illustrates what you have learned about either effective or ineffective communication in the workplace.  In choosing an example, try to focus on a situation that illustrates the communication issues that can occur in a multicultural work environment.

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