Near Shoring

Essay on Near Shoring. Paper must be at least 250 words. This is because near shoring allow businesses to operate near the home country (Shamis, Green, Sorensen t al, 2005).Near shoring allows businesses to conduct their activities in regions with the same time zones. This implies that through this business strategy, it is easier for a business to control all its operations immediately. It also makes the communication process easier. This enables them to coordinate their operations easily and faster. It is difficult for organizations to conducts the same projects in different time zones. In order to achieve the goal of the company, workers in a region with a different time zone have to sacrifice by working at night. Working late in the night may reduce the productivity of workers (McGrath, 2014).Companies that practice near shoring also experience less legal issues compared to those that engage in outsourcing. Outsourcing makes a company to incur huge immigration costs and other costs associated with government regulations. However, in near shoring companies have to only deal with neighboring countries which have less immigration and legal issues. Near shoring also enables a company to enjoy geographical proximity benefits. For instance, it is easier for a company to interact with its customers if they can easily be reached. The situation helps in increasing their

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