Net present value

Find the net present value and the payback period and the internal rate of return and the accural accouting rate of return based on net initial investment, accural accounting rate of return based on average investment. Jefferson Labs , a nonprofit organization , estimates that it can save $33 090 a year in cash operating costsfor the next & years if it buys a special-purpose eye – testing machtesting machine at a costcost of $140 000 . No terminal disposal value isexpected . Jefferson Labs required rate of return is 12% . Assume all cash flows occurat year – end except for initial investment amounts . Jefferson Labs uses straight line depreciationresent Value of $1 table Present Value of Annuity of $1 table Future Value of ST table Future Value of Annuity of ST tableRead the requirementsRequirement 1 Calculate the following for the special – purpose eye – testing machine :a . Net present value ( NPV ) ( Use factors to three decimal places X X X X and use a minus sign or parentheses for a negative net present value Enter the net presentI value of the investment rounded to the nearest whole dollar . )The net present value is sCalculate the following for thefor the special – purpose eye – testing machinea . Net present valueb . Payback periodC . Internal rate of returnAccrual accounting rate of return based on net initial investmentAccrual accounting rate of return based on average investme2 . What other factors should JeffersonLabs consider in deciding whether topurchase the special-purpose eye- testing machine ?

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