Netflix’s stock price

Questions 1. Netflix’s stock price has seen sharp growth from Oct 2017 (see attached file). The company’s stock is valued at$184.45 per share on October 4, 2017. The price on April 3, 2018 is $283.67.This means, if you have invested $1,000 in Netflix in early October 2017, you would have more than $1,500 by Apr 2018.

Read Netflix’s letter to shareholders and this Wall Street Journal article on Netflix and briefly discuss factors contributing to its stock performance during Apr 2017 – Oct 2018

2. Refer to Netflix’s letter to shareholders and this WSJ article,discuss the problems that Netflix may have that are related to international accounting.

3. Research recent news articles (using Google News) and briefly discuss Netflix’s recent stock performance. You can discuss (but not limited to) the following:What may have caused the big drop in March What are some factors that could explain the recent rally in Netflix’s stock price

Alternatively, name another company that you are familiar with, which is engaging in international trade/business.

Briefly discuss what the company does and its recent financial performance. Include links/references if necessary.Total 1 page.

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