Network diagram

InstructionsWrite an Essay that exceeds 500 words following the APA 6th edition on the network diagram and its benefit to the project. Address the following:· What is the Network Diagram?· Describe the “Activity on Node” and “Activity on Arrow” diagram.· What is an early and late start, early and late finish?· Describe forward and backward pass.· What is slack or float?· Explain the critical path.· Please use a minimum of 2 references.To help you better understand the project management network, you will find two videos below to review. Demonstrates the ability to construct a clear and insightful problem statement/thesis statement/topic statement with evidence of all relevant contextual factors.Analysis: Organizes and compares evidence to reveal insightful patterns, differences, or similarities related to focus.Writing: The paper exhibits a excellent command of written English language conventions. The paper has no errors in mechanics, grammar, or spelling.APA: The required APA elements are all included with correct formatting, including in-text citations and references.

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