New hotel management

New Hotel Management. Write a 2250 word paper answering; The hotel will be a privately held corporation owned in majority by the hotel manager and his assistant. It will provide room for new investors to participate in the company’s capital affairs. During the formation of the company, the management is planning to give about 10,150 shares at the value of $100 per value of common stock. Both the issued and the outstanding stock would total to $101,400 and the hotel’s manager with his assistant will receive 3500 shares at the same price as sold to the public or give a 35.5 per cent ownership each (Heaton, 2012).The new investor will have the opportunity to make discussions about the quantity and the quality of the stock that will be issued before the company’s procedures of the hotel start. The investors in the meetings should discuss some additional information about the investor’s interest, entry and exit strategy for the operations of the hotel begins (Jagpradeep., 2008).The prime hotel will offer a broad variety of the pizzas in the region as well as sauces, fruit juices, sodas, and desserts and provide accommodation facilities in the area. According to some research, the type of the pizza that the hotel will be producing and distributing are said to have originated in a neighbouring city in the early 1990’s. The kind of pizza that the hotel is planning to sell is known to be gaunt, broad and foldable slices. The toppings on the pizza include some tomato juice and mozzarella cheese (Heaton, 2012). The toppings are usually placed on the part of the pizza that contains the cheese. Normally, the proposed type of pizza to be sold by the hotel is hand-tossed, and the slices are usually eaten folded in half as in the case of street snacks. It differentiates itself from the other American pizzas through its particular crust, generally made of high-gluten bread flavour distinguished taste. The pizza will be sold in slices and in some cases as whole pies (Jagpradeep., 2008). The slices will be taken from the whole pizzas of a diameter of 18 inches cut into eight slices. If the pizzas are sold in slices, the company will offer both regular and plain pizzas with different toppings.

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