Newspaper columns

How many newspaper columns can a document have?..2 Score: 1 If you apply the option This point forward from the Columns button dialog box, what is inserted?..3 Score: 1 What button in the Page Setup group in the Page Layout tab do you click to insert a section break?..4 Score: 1 What determines the number of columns on a page?..5 Score: 1 What does WordArt do? ..6 Score: 1 What is the default alignment for text in a Word document?..7 Score: 1 What is the tool that displays when you insert an image into a document?..8 Score: 1 What kind of section break balances columns on the last page of a document?..9 Score: 1 What page view should you be in to delete a section break?..10 Score: 1 What Word button allows you to insert special characters into a document?..11 Score: 1 Which group in the Insert tab contains the Date & Time button?..12 Score: 1 Which of these is not a section break choice?..13 Score: 1 Which of these options is not found in the Adjust group in the Picture Tools Format tab?..14 Score: 1 Which of these steps is not part of inserting a picture in a document?..15 Score: 1 Which sizing handle allows you to change the width and height of an inserted image at the same time?..16 Score: 1 You are making a sign to direct people in your office to the copier, and want to draw an arrow on the sign. What button in the Insert tab would you use?..17 Score: 1 You are reading a newsletter and you note that the first letter in the first word of the paragraph is located in the margin. What feature was used for this effect?..18 Score: 1 You can do this at the Manual Hyphenation dialog box…19 Score: 1 You decide to delete some of the hyphens inserted during automatic hyphenation. What Word feature can you use to do this?..20 Score: 1 You made changes to clip art in a document, but want to go back to the original image. What button should you use?..21 Score: 1 You would like to remove some area from the bottom of a picture you have inserted into a document. What button allows you to do this?..22 Score: 1 Your image is selected, and you position the mouse pointer on a round, green handle. What are you going to do?

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