Next generation 9-1-1

Argumentative essay on Next Generation 9-1-1. Needs to be 10 pages. Information on the occurrences of these types of emergencies or crimes were getting reported but due to the lack of a sophisticated communications system, there always seemed to be a lapse of time between the occurrence of the incident and information to the authorities and their ultimate arrival on the scene. The result was that there was a lot of loss to life and property damaged which sometimes ran into billions of dollars. Efforts made to curb this loss only resulted in greater losses and crime and violence continued unabated.With a view to bring this situation under control and effect a sense of coordination in to the system people became aware that there was an urgent need in finding suitable solutions to end this problem and therefore, in 1957, at a conference called the National Association of Fire Chiefs, it was mooted that a SINGLE telephone number be made available to the general public, that could be used for reporting fire accidents which would significantly bring down the loss of time between communication. This idea was wholeheartedly accepted and duly recommended by all.Ten years later (1967) the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice was so taken up with this idea that it was suggested that a “single number” should be established countrywide, for any emergency and not limiting it to reporting of fires alone. It was the general opinion and rightly so, that the use of different telephone numbers for a variety of incidents, would only increase time lapse. This suggestion received huge support with the result that the task of identifying and implementing such a number that would be convenient and acceptable to all was entrusted to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)The FCC set out on the task without any further delay, once they had been entrusted with the assignment of locating such a number. The FCC met and had extensive discussions with the American

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