Not a Fit or the Bosses Fit

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Not a Fit or the Bosses Fit.Now it is very important that you convince the other officer regarding this candidate. In fact, you must be able to prove your case in front of higher authorities that the candidate you selected has all the capabilities and is the most suited candidate for the position. It is also essential that if this candidate has a good command over English, which is an essential quality for a marketing manager, you should recommend the case very strongly. Besides, it is also important to highlight that this candidate has good experience of 20 years with the competitors which will be an added advantage if she is hired. It is important that you explain to the other senior officer that discrimination on the basis of race or national origin is wrong. It still happens more often than anyone wants to believe, and it exacts a very high price, both from its victims and from the companies at which it occurs. Lawsuits in recent years have proven this point as large companies have been required to pay millions of dollars to compensate the victims of race and national origin discrimination and to pay for their own complicity in encouraging or allowing a discriminatory atmosphere to flourish in the workplace.

As far as convincing the other officer is concerned, the best way to do so is to show a structure with the help of the candidate for the future profitability and the improvement of the marketing plan for the company. By doing so you can justify that the candidate you have selected is worth for the position.

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