NY stop and frisk reduce crime

Essay on Does NY stop and frisk reduce crime. Paper must be at least 250 words. believe that the policy on “stop and frisk” has been quite effective in terms of reducing crime (Mac Donald, 2012). New York is not the only city that has tried to implement the “stop and frisk” policy. To make the criminals feel apprehended at the time of government election in 2008, the police department of Philadelphia also implemented the same policy. A couple of years after the Mayor’s election, the incidence of murder was significantly reduced by up to 22% (Lamberth, 2012).Answering the question “Does NY stop and frisk reduce crime?” is not easy to answer due to the fact that the real factor that could increase or decrease in the crime rate is very complex. Although Philadelphia mentioned that there was a 22% reduction in the number of reported murder, this figure does not necessarily mean that the process of implementing the “stop and frisk” policy was the root cause behind the decreasing trend in murder cases. In fact, Lamberth (2012) mentioned that the state of Philadelphia was already experiencing a decrease in the number of murder cases since 2006.Up to the present time, there is no scientific evidence that can prove that the process of implementing “stop and frisk” policy is effective in terms of reducing crime. The fact that the “black pedestrians were stopped at a rate that is 50 percent greater than their representation in the residential census” makes this policy develop racism and prejudism in New York (Neumeister, Hays, & Gross, 2012).Gardiner, S., & Saul, M. (2012, June 20). The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved July 22, 2012, from New Panel Examines Police Tactics : http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303703004577476980483677206.htmlLamberth, J. (2012). Retrieved July 22, 2012, from The Effectiveness of Stop and Frisk in the United States:

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