Obesity in the Workplace

Obesity in the Workplace


The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate how changes in the workplace can affect obesity and create a plan for improving worksite health.


Part 1:

1. Write a short overview of the career path you plan to follow, including the general industry and specific job you would like to one day hold.

2. Based on the job you would like to have:

a. What effect might the job or the industry have on body weight and obesity rates? This effect might be either positive or negative.

b. What type of effect might a greater number proportion of the population being overweight or obese have on the workforce of your industry, the type of products or services provided, etc.?

c. What is the culture of the business? Does it promote positive health habits to its employees? Does it promote positive health habits to the general population?

d. What challenges might you face in terms of healthful eating and being physically active throughout your day at work?

Part 2

Develop a worksite program that would encourage healthy habits and decrease obesity in employees. There are many different facets that could be considered. For this assignment, please describe a minimum of 5 factors that you would include in your plan. Describe in detail how you would implement each factor and its effects on obesity. You can choose from the list below or include other factors that you feel are important.

· Corporate climate

· Employee wellness programs (classes, access to health professionals, support, etc.)

· Healthy eating (cafeteria, vending, policies for employee break rooms, etc.)

· Exercise facilities, classes, or areas to walk inside or outside

· Flex hours to do activity

· Workstation set up

· Bonuses or incentives for healthy habits

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