Objectives of the 1933 Act

Compose a 250 words essay on Objectives of the 1933 Act. The second objective is to prohibit, misrepresentations, deceit, and other misguiding activities when selling securities to the citizens (Johnson, 76). The act says that the offered securities sold to the citizens need to undergo registration by filing the statement of registration with SEC. The prospectus is normally files together with the statement of registration. The statement of registration contains the issuer’s property, security’s description, information about the issuer, and the security’s information. Assuming the statement is suspected to be incomplete, the SEC is entitled to disapprove the statement. When any of the material is missing, SEC is allowed to suspend the registration. The agency tends to provide letters of deficiency after the registration documents are reviews (The Securities Act Of 1933). The SEC uses the technique to suggest or require changes of additional information. Additionally, the act has some exemptions which tend to exempt all secondary trading that involve the sold and bought

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