For this exercise, you will do an unstructured observation of an individual that you do not know for 10-15 minutes. Your task is to force yourself to see as many concrete behaviors and features as you can without filtering them through any interpretive process. You will discover that this is very difficult to do. Make note of these unfiltered behaviors and features (i.e. hair color, height, loud, quite, etc.). Then contemplate how you would filter and perceive these behaviors and features. How do they influence your perceptions of this individual?

Your assignment will be one page, typed, single-space, 12font Times New Roman. Title the assignment “Observation Experiment Exercise” and include your name and date the assignment is due. In the first paragraph I want unfiltered observations of your subject’s behaviors and features. In the second paragraph I want your filtered perceptions of that individual. So the first paragraph is objective reality (tall, older, graying hair, etc.) and your second paragraph will be subjective reality or your perception (intelligent, experienced, amazing professor, etc).

To get the most out of this make sure it is an individual you don’t know and be honest with yourself. We all have our experiences that shape us and our perceptions; we must realize these to become better communicators and leaders.