O*NET system

by | Mar 4, 2021 | College (3-4), Human Resource Management

The O*NET system supersedes the sixty-year-old Dictionary of Occupational Titles.  It serves job seekers, students, and HR professionals in helping them make informed decisions.  Specifically, it includes detailed information for over 950 occupations.

I think it would be helpful for you, as HRM students, to receive a little exposure to the O*NET system not only because you can use it as an HR professional, but also because you can use it in the job search process.

O*NET is very user-friendly.   With only about 10-15 minutes of experimentation, you should be navigating the system like a pro.

You can access the O*NET system by going to (http://online.onetcenter.org).

To complete this assignment, I would like for you to select a job (or occupation) that you are interested in pursuing when you graduate.  For this job, I would like for you to provide the following information:

  • Identify top 5 knowledge items and provide importance score.
  • Identify top 5 skills and provide importance score
  • Identify top 5 abilities and provide importance score
  • Identify top 5 work activities and provide importance score
  • Identify 3 technology skills
  • Education requirements (provide percentages by type of degree)
  • Three related occupations
  • Wage levels for Georgia (specifically, I would like to the know the “High” annual wage, the “Median” annual wage, and the “Low” annual wage)

As you complete this assignment, use the checklist above as a self-assessment to verify that you have completed each step fully.

You should summarize the required information in no more than two, typed pages.  As noted, the summary should contain the SPECIFIC individual importance scores (for items of at least 70) so that the readers know which of the items are more important relative to the others.  

This is more of a technical report.  Thus, the use of tables, graphs, and/or bullet points is strongly encouraged.  Likewise, the use of complete sentences written in paragraph form is discouraged.   In other words, the reader of your summary should be able to review it rather quickly without having to work too hard to understand the information.

Important Notes:

 1     You can obtain all of this information quite easily if you select the “Details” tab for the occupation you have selected.

 2     If the job (or occupation) that you selected does not contain all of the required information, you must select another one.

 3    If you exceed the two-page limit, points will be deducted.

 4    This is an individual effort.   You are not allowed to work with others.

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