Supply and Demand of Online Music Streaming. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Also, this mode of online streaming is much preferred over the illegal mods of accessing pirated versions of music because this is a legalized form of distribution. There are three main types of demands noted in the online streaming industry. The fans who prefer free audio show high relative elastic demand, the fans who are interested to pay a small amount of fees for streaming audio contents display a mild relative elastic demand in this industry and the fans who are interested to pay any amount for listening to their favourite audio contents account for the highly relative inelastic demand in the online streaming industry (Liebowitz, 2006).

Not only the published contents but also electronic musical festivals which are difficult for every person to attend are seeing high popularity of online streaming, As the suppliers try to drive the prices of online streaming, this is also supported by the increasing demand of online streaming by different groups of fans. The market forces have shifted the demand curve towards a steeper trend because the changing landscapes of this industry and digital contents industry have made it favourable for online audio streaming (Krueger, 2005).

Also, the increasing threat of content piracy to the considered industry has made the suppliers in this industry support the growth and popularity of online streaming of audio. The streaming of music festivals, rock concerts as well as live playing by musicians have seen an aggregate increase in demands over the recent years.

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