Opening a restaurant

Write 6 page essay on the topic Opening a restaurant.These businesses are believed to have certain weaknesses that Lexus will capitalise in in order to compete favourably in the market.The business will employ a marketing strategy where our sales representatives will visit institutions to show case the products and services we offer. Brochures, fliers, and posters will be developed to be used in marketing strategy with most of information to be accessed through the website page. We aim to capture majority of the market share in the 1st one year.The business is also planning to use several others strategies like product differentiation, pricing, place/location, segmentation and growth strategies. Together with these, the SWOT analysis of the business is to be examined in order to know all the areas to improve in.The proposed business is to be registered under the name “Lexus Unit Restaurant”. “Lexus” is a term in Germany translated to mean satisfactory and comfortable surroundings. The decision to use the above name is based on the restaurant’s ultimate goal of ensuring maximum client’s satisfaction in terms of meals served, lodging services in a favourable dining environment.“Lexus Unit Restaurant” a 1,200-square-foot restaurant will be setup at Outer Drive within Sioux City and it will be the only restaurant business located on the 25-acre tract of city-owned land targeting middle level income earners. The site is supposedly convenient for the business because it serves as the central point with good proximity and accessibility to potential customers with a good infrastructure such as good road network, electricity, water and telecommunication services. The Metropolitan area highly secured and exposed to several customers that tours the city projects hence need for quality meals and favourable environment to dine.The proposed business will be a sole proprietorship form of business sponsored by me and who shall also be the manager of the enterprise. I will keep truck of the

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