The following free data set options have graphical representations of the data. Choose one of the datasets to download and analyze:

Data Sets:

Government Data

U.S. Census Bureau

Choose Excel, R, or Tableau to analyze your data. Click the link below to access tutorials for each tool

Write a 3-5-page paper answering the following questions:

  1. What tool did you use to analyze the data and why? Tool options are listed on the websites,
    including Excel, R, and Tableau. Was the tool appropriate for the analysis of the selected data?
  2. Use the software to provide high level views of the data in tabular and graphical form. Use the
    help Options on the tool or refer to the Tutorials from
  3. Describe the data. Is it structured or unstructured?
  4. Apply the results as the organizational data analyst. What does the data tell us? Who should use
    the data?
  5. How would you communicate your findings to your manager?

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