Oral Language and Code-Related Precursors

Submit a 5000 words essay on the topic Oral Language and Code-Related Precursors to Reading.Juan describes his interests as playing basketball, swimming, and fishing, which he normally undertake with his family, particularly his father and brother. He claims to have a big difficulty in school though, specifically in reading and writing English words. He says that way back in Mexico, he used to appreciate Science, but right now where every subject matter including Science needs to be learned and understood in the English language, he begins to dislike the subject matter. He has average scores in Math concepts exhibited by his scores in quizzes and long examinations. He is however poor in word attack and English vocabulary, which affects his performance in other subjects including Science, which used to be his favorite.&nbsp.I was able to talk to Juan’s aunt once, upon visiting Juan and gathering information from his family about things related to his reading progress. This is where I found that both of Juan’s parents live in Mexico and had little schooling. The aunt related that both boys frequently scan their notes upon arriving home and practice reading orally. However, there are some questions that she could not answer, such as the correct pronunciation of a word or the meaning of a particular word, or if the sentence the boys have just uttered is grammatically correct, since she herself has a limitation in the English language as she just migrated to the United States five months ago. Juan is thus left with only the school to rely on when learning to read.&nbsp.Juan appears to be persevering during reading sessions and tries hard to understand each word. Often, when he could not pronounce a word, he approaches me and asks how it is pronounced. He repeatedly utters the new-learned word until he thinks it sinks in.

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