Oral medication administration lesson in nursing

Learning outcomes evaluation Below is an evaluation plan for oral medication administration lesson in nursing. The learning setting is classroom based and the topic of the lesson plan is how to effectively administer oral medication to patients (Bonnel & Smith, 2010). The purpose of the lesson is to encourage critical thinking and excellent communication with patients. The lesson will also assist the students develop cordial relationships with patients, staff and instructors. Some of the methods that will be used in evaluating the learning outcomes and providing feedback to the students include demonstration, oral presentation and written work (Billings & Kowalski, 149). In order to evaluate whether the learners have acquired appropriate skills and knowledge in oral medication administration, demonstration will be used to assess whether the learners have acquired critical thinking skills (McKeachie, Nicol & Svinicki, 2011). This will include the ability to accurately assess and explain the significance of laboratory findings and organize data on the patient’s disease status. One of the questions that will indicate outcomes of the learning is the ability of students to accurately interpret medical diagnosis data and appropriately administer the right dosage of oral medication (Billings & Kowalski, 150). In order to evaluate the communication skills and ability to establish cordial relationships with patients and other staff, students will be required to complete essay on the communication elements and obstacles to effective nurse-patient communication (McKeachie, Nicol & Svinicki, 2011). The nurse educator will evaluate the ability of the students to recommend proper oral dosage through assessing the flow of ideas in the written essay. For instance, students will describe the procedures followed in oral medication administration and answer a case study example in the essay (Bonnel & Smith, 2010). The last method that will be used in evaluating the learning outcomes is an oral presentation. This mainly will help the students build confidence and demonstrate their oral communication skills. Each student will be required to make an oral presentation on how to administer oral drugs to patient and how to monitor the changing patient disease conditions (McKeachie, Nicol & Svinicki, 2011). Students will describe the actions that should be undertaken when the patient does not respond positively to the prior medical dosage (Billings & Kowalski, 150).Conclusion Learning outcomes evaluation helps the nursing students receive feedback on their learning progress and make suggestions for improvement. Some evaluation methods include essays, clinical concept mapping, observation and oral presentation.

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