Organization Structures

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Assignment

Organization Structures” Please respond to the following: 1.  Suppose that you were creating a new global organization. The new organization will provide Information Technology (IT) infrastructure consulting services, computer security consulting services, and cloud computing consulting services. Determine whether you would employ a hierarchical, a flat, or a matrix organizational structure, and explain why.

From the video this week, propose how issues with hierarchical and flat structures should be resolved. Watch the following video and then be prepared to discuss:· Organizations Strategy, Competitive Advantage, and Information Systems (5 min 40 s)

Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) and Instant Messaging (IM)” Please respond to the following: 2.  Suppose you worked for a company that uses ROWE. Predict whether you would be more productive or less productive and explain why.IM applications like Microsoft’s Lync, Microsoft Instant Messenger, and Yahoo Instant Messenger are being used in some organizations to facilitate communication between employees. Determine whether you believe IM improves or hinders employee productivity. Support your rationale with an explanation. 

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