Organizational behavior

Compose a 1000 words essay on Organizational Behavior. Go-To-People are analytical, aggressive, intuitive, humble, patient, confident, deliberate and decisive. In addition they know how well the organization work, know how to use power when it is needed and think outside the box.3. Go-To-People can be found anywhere in any department of the company and might be very learned or new graduates as well as someone with just formal education. The organization can find them through interviews by asking tricky questions and see how the employees respond. The organization can also find them by looking for talents within the organization. Or creating challenging projects which will help bring out the characteristics of Go-To-People person.4. Go-To-People should be nurtured by keeping them challenged, recognizing their efforts and rewarding them thus building their career. Usually they work hard but their efforts go unnoticed and this demoralizes them, hence it is necessary for the organization to recognize the value they bring and reward them appropriately.1. This article describes the ABC model that can be used by managers to obtain desired behavior and performance from employees by providing a positive feedback. The ideas in this article are the A which is ‘action’, B which is ‘because’, C which is ‘could we?’ and finally the conclusion which determines the outcome of the feedback.2. “A” focuses on a specific issue and how the feedback conversation should be carried out. This requires data collection first to determine the issue of concern and the managers should be able to raise the topic without provocation or judgment of the employee being addressed. The use of data and facts is important in this step to ensure that both parties have the same information. A proper “A” statement will lead to a positive feedback.3. “B” looks at why the issue in step A is brought up and the need to address it as well as its impact. This involves accountability and the

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