Organizational Dynamics

Write an article on Subject: Organizational Dynamics Topic: Situation I faced in my Organization. It needs to be at least 2000 words. This essentially necessitates the implementation of organizational change. Change is not a stagnant occurrence but rather involves constant reviews and implementation of new strategies, technologies and processes (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Uhl-Bien & Osborn, 2008). Therefore, the ability of organizations to implement constant changes to their operations, systems, strategies and attitudes is a determinant of organizational success and sustainability. Managers in the organization I work for constantly implement organizational change, particularly with a view to changing the behaviors and attitudes of employees. This paper will discuss the dynamics at play in the implementation of constant organizational change, suggesting viable approaches to deal with the productive implementation of organizational change. Organizational perspectives influence all aspects of organizational change.Change in organizations occurs on different levels and impacts all aspects of organizations. Organizational change takes a number of forms. strategic changes, mission changes, operational changes, which include structural changes, technological changes and behavioral changes. My organization constantly undergoes the latter change as company management seeks new and innovative ways of enhancing personnel attitudes and behaviors to ensure conformity to organizational standards, mission and policies. Organizational management commences with a systematic analysis of the current situation so as to ascertain both the capacity and need for change. The organization constantly specified the content, process and objectives of change as part and parcel of its intricate change plan (Schermerhorn et al. 2008). The process of managing organizational change centers on a number of dynamics, which ultimately influences the processes of determining the need for change and the organization’s capacity to change.

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