Organizational structure

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Assignment

Read the case and answer the 4 questions.

A chain of retail stores, that sells gadgets and accessories for it, with a 2-year experience in the market was off to a very successful start. Within the first years of operations, the company grew the number of outlets from 1 to 8 across Tashkent city. The sales revenues increased substantially. However, the management of “Platform” (the name has been altered by the request of the managing partner) is not happy with a few issues. First of all, the employee turnover is quite high. The sales assistants on multiple occasions have been caught on theft, lies, inappropriate customer service and other violations of their work ethics and job responsibilities. Installation of CCTV made the situation even worse, employees felt too much control over them and relationships of managers and staff member have become even worse. The management of the “Platform” initially aimed to open a retailer that will offer better customer service than Malika bazaar, so people would prefer buying from convenient shops with good customer service. Training of new employees is usually time consuming and the results of inappropriate staff behavior leads to lower customer satisfaction and weaker loyalty. Moreover, the management is looking to cut the expenses, by means of eliminating some of the job places due do duplication of functions in the organisational chart. Based on the issues described above, offer management of “Platform” advice on the following matters

1. What organizational structure might be most appropriate considering the size of the company and the industry in which it operates? And reason. Possibly try and present the organizational chart. Also suggest what managerial positions needs to be implemented and at which level in order to improve the situation.

2. Which elements of organizational design such as formalization, centralization/decentralization, departmentalization, span of control and chain command might be appropriate? And reason

3. Appropriate leadership style to implement, taking into consideration the need to increase employee commitment to the firm. And reason

4.The most appropriate motivation strategy to make sure staff members stay with the company longer and do not violate any of the company’s internal policies. And reason

You have to write only 7~8 sentences for each question.

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