Pap test for cervical cancer

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Assignment

The Pap test for cervical cancer involves microscopic examination of cervical cells for cancerous cells. A new, rapid diagnostic test to detect human papilloma virus (HPV) DNA before cancer develops is done without microscopic exam. The steps involved in this Fast HPV test are listed. What is the second step? A) Add an RNA probe for HPV DNA B) Lyse human cells C) Add enzyme-linked antibodies against DNA-RNAD) Add enzyme substrate E) It doesn’t matter.


1. reverse transcriptase___

2. provirus___

3. photoreactivation___

4. inverted repeat sequences___

5. prophage___

6. sex pilus___

7. vector___

8. envelope___

9. generalized transduction___

10. homologous recombination A. protein appendage that attaches the donor to recipient cell. B. an enzyme that uses mRNA as template to synthesize DNAC. palindrome sequences of insertion sequences D. integrated phage DNA into the host cell E. infectious part of developmental cycle of Chlamydias. F. protein coat of viruses G. enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of RNAH. transfer of only specific bacterial genes by temperate phages I. transfer of any bacterial genes by phages J. a means to integrate one DNA molecule into another K. an enzyme that has proof-reading functions. L. enzymatic process to repair thymine dimers using visible light M. example-temperature sensitive mutation N. example-frameshift mutation O. change in nucleotide sequence in codon but not in amino acid sequence P. membrane outside a viral capsid R. a latent virus S. an extrachromosomal DNA used in cloning experiments

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