Parents at Home and Juvenile Delinquency

Write a 3 page essay on Parents at Home and Juvenile Delinquency.Quantitative research’s non-experimental design will be used for the study. The design involves collection of data from existing phenomenon, as opposed to experimental and quasi-experimental designs of quantitative method that involves treatment of research participants. Observation will help in data collection that will then be analyzed for differences in incidence of juvenile deliquescence across single and dual parent families. Participants will be sampled, through a random approach and will be identified with the type of their families, whether single parent family or dual parent family. Frequencies will then be computed for each type of family and for each stratum of participants. The role of research participants, identified deliquescent juveniles, will be identification of their type of families. Bandura’s social learning theory forms the study’s framework. According to the theory, a person’s environment, of which social models are elements, is important in shaping his or her character and this suggest possible significance of the type of family in influencing an individual’s behavior (Ashford and LeCroy, 2009).Adolescents in New Jersey State will form the study’s population. This will include residence in the state within a reasonable time to the time of study. Those who no longer stay in the state but enjoyed residency for more than five months before being convicted for deliquescence, regardless of their current residence will be considered for the study. Stratified random sampling will be used. This involves identification of research participants into homogeneous groups and then selecting participants, randomly, from each group. Seventy-five municipalities will be considered from the state and random approach will be used in selecting the municipalities. One hundred participants will then be selected, at random, from official list of juvenile cases in the

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