Partnership in health and social care

Essay on Working in Partnership in Health and Social care. Paper must be at least 2500 words. dently, the model has the potential to bring together professional and experts from the social work profession as well as qualified healthcare providers to integrate the expertise and deliver quality care. The multidisciplinary approach serves to meet the diverse needs of a patient (Weissman, Olfson, Gameroff, Feder, & Fuentes 2001, p. 456). With different experts working in a collaborative manner, it becomes easier to meet the diverse needs of the client. The model emerged from the recognition that some clients do not only require a single professional. For this reason, a new trend was developed by bringing together professional from different fields (Larkin, Richardson, & Tabreman 2012, p. 200). Additionally, the care residence also exhibited strategic partnerships formed to promote the safety of the clients.Different organizations were working closely at a strategic level to formulate proper treatment and care plans that need to be delivered to different clients. In some cases, partnerships at the strategic level are of critical importance as it gives the experts a sense of direction on the best approach to promoting the health and wellbeing of a client. Evidently, the local authorities had taken a step of commissioning different service providers to collaborate effectively in the delivery of healthcare (Jagosh et al., 2012, p. 330). The National Health Service was working closely with the local authorities to ensure that clients received the care they deserved in conformity with their needs. The model of integrating services is provided by local authorities as the well as the NHS is a common aspect in England, which serves to ensure that partnerships are more effective. A close analysis of the funding provided to the care residence revealed that the pooled budgets were in place (Walshe, Caress, Chew-Graham, & Todd 2007, p. 52). The NHS was collaborating with other councils to fund and provide resources for the care residence. Worth noting is the fact that

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