Patient’s satisfaction


Using the reading covered in this module answer the questions below. Write a paper in a Word document.

  • The CEO of a regional hospital wants to survey the patient’s satisfaction after discharge from the hospital. For each method, determine if a probability sampling or nonprobability sampling method is used.

Q1. A case manager is sent to the discharge area to interview patients as they are leaving the hospital.

Q2. You have the nurses on the floor distribute a questionnaire to each patient asking them to complete the survey and return it at the discharge counter before they leave.

Q3. The CEO randomly selects a set of patients about to be discharged from the hospital and questions those that they have selected.

Q4. The CEO group the patients by the department and randomly select a patient for each department and survey each patient in the department.

Important Note: you must ensure that before publishing your work you must support your arguments with references, remember to use the current APA standards, expression of ideas, and the format of the text, citations, and references. Always remember that before submitting your work: (a) Use any direct quotes sparingly, (b) for any paraphrases, make sure to give credit to the author, (c) do not use informal phrases or incomplete sentences, and (d) use grammar correct, and correct your document. References sources from the Internet are not accepted, i.e. .com or news, opinions, or blogs.

General instructions

• Include bibliographic references in the writing• 

1.    Scott, I. & Mazhindu, D (2014). Statistics for Healthcare Professional. SAGE Publications Inc. ISBN 978-1-4462-0893-9Osborn, C. (2006). Statistical Applications for Health Information Management. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, ISBN 0-7637-2842-X 

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