Paul Finkelman’s Dred Scott v. Sandford

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Analysis, College (1-2), History

Write a 1500 word (minimum) paper. This is not a suggestion but a requirement. Failure to meet the minimum word count will result in a significant point reduction. I will start at the “C” grade and evaluate from that point. It should be typed, double-spaced, have a cover page, contain a font size of 12, be paginated (page numbers), and have one inch margins. Indent the first line of each paragraph and do not quadruple space between paragraphs. The paper must be properly footnoted (endnotes are acceptable) with a bibliography attached (even if you use only one source). You may use additional outside readings/sources (no Wikepedia) to help support your analysis but remember that all outside materials are secondary to the information from the reader.

Appropriate citations will be expected for all materials. This means that even if you do not directly quote, citations are mandatory for all statements not part of the general body of knowledge. Papers without citations will receive a failing grade. You must use the Chicago (or Turabian) style for citations and bibliography. Turabian does allow for parenthetical citations but be sure you are using that style. I do not accept, for example, MLA or other styles. For your convenience I have placed powerpoints on citations and bibliographies, and links to the styles in a Paper Resources folder below. You may also find a simple guide to Turabian on the History Department webpage or go online. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a significant point reduction. Before I look at the content of your paper I will scrutinize your structure and form.

You must write this paper in Microsoft Word 1997-2003, Word 2007 or above. These are the University’s standard for word processing and are not negotiable. MS Word or Word 2007 files end in “.doc” or “docx.” If a file ends in “.wps” or something else, I will be unable to read it and you will not receive credit for it.

The Paper:

Based on the documents/evidence and secondary literature contained in Paul Finkelman’s Dred Scott v. Sandford write an analytical paper that addresses the differing reasoning of the Justices, and the final decision of the Supreme Court. Be sure to address previous rulings by the Court that had bearing on this case, as well as, all the rationales on the part of the plaintiff in bringing this suit. Be sure to provide the historical context in which this case emerged.

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