Perdue civil engineering community

Compose a 1500 words assignment on analyzing discourse community: perdue civil engineering community. Currently, there are more than 300 students in graduate school taking either a master’s or a Ph.D. in civil engineering at Perdue University, with the number of an undergraduate being much higher. This implies that civil engineering at Perdue University produces hundreds of highly qualified engineers each year to market, with competence and skills that are unmatched. This has edged civil engineering closer to the sensitivity of people’s lives, with its core functions being providing compatible and sustainable space not only in coming up with structures but facilitating the life and spirit of the ecosystem. Perdue University has therefore become a dream institution for anyone willing to train in civil engineering globally. Discourse analysis in civil engineering would thus refer to the unique communication and thinking among engineers and the community at large with regard to civil engineering works.Discourse community of civil engineering will thus be about what’s new and existing in the built environment, where students gain knowledge on the latest trends in civil engineering, procedures followed to come up with civil engineering masterpieces, and how students are involved in a dynamic and active learning process, in preparing them to handle such civil engineering tasks in the future.Perdue university was ranked 23rd among all public universities globally and was 65th among all private and public university globally in 2012 and was 23rd among public universities and 62nd overall in 2011, with Perdue college of engineering is ranked 10th nationally, and 44th globally among engineering schools with the highest degree as a master’s or bachelor’s degreeMy research involved detailing the course available in Perdue civil engineering, investigating steps that would be followed in establishing a new civil engineering systems department at Perdue University, and investigating a typical learning process in Perdue university civil engineering classes.&nbsp.

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