Performance review

Case Study IIYou have been working in the human resources department for a large convention hotel in Dallas, Texas. Ramon, one of the bell staff associates, comes into your office loudly complaining that he didn’t get his annual wage increase as he was promised by his supervisor, Joe, the guest service manager. You ask him if he has discussed this with Joe and he says that he has approached Joe three times and Joe still hasn’t done anything about the increase so that is why he is coming to HR. You then ask him when his raise was due and he says it was to begin last month. You then ask him how he did on his performance appraisal for the past year and he says he doesn’t know what the rating was or if there are any areas for improvement. He assumed no improvement was required since he was promised the raise. You follow up by asking him did he even have a performance review with Joe and he tells you that he was called into Joe’s office and was simply told to sign a form and that he would be getting a raise. He didn’t know how much the raise would be.

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