Personal definition of service

•State your personal definition of service, and give an example of a time when you received quality service and an example of when you did not receive quality service. Determine what they could have done to correct the quality of service.•Hospitality professionals often state that exceeding guest expectations is a significant part of their organization’s mission. Identify three ways to determine guest expectations and how the manager would know when those expectations have been exceeded.•Using the hotel industry as the larger market, specify a niche market and match that niche to a hotel brand that accommodates those customers. Explain your reasoning. •The economy plays a critical role in a consumer’s ability to pay for products and services. Describe how the hospitality industry could be affected by the rise of gasoline prices and determine what could be done to offset this in other areas.ASSIGNMENTSTUDENT NAME10/11/2014 A normal approach to consider service is as the immaterial piece of a transactionrelationship that makes value between a provider organization and its client,…

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