Personal Leadership experience

Compose a 500 words essay on Personal Leadership experience. These two areas needed funds to carry the commendable work and I personally believed that students could really do great job as fundraisers.The day I became the junior class president, I realized that if a person really wants to do something, he has the ability to do it through hard work and will power.It’s the strength of will power that can change the things for you. Indeed, as Vince Lombardi says, ‘contrary to the opinion of many people, leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work’. I can also cultivate exemplary leadership qualities through perseverance and commitment towards public service. I knew now that my dreams to become a senator would one day be realized!Junior class Presidency gave me opportunity to understand the problems of the fellow students and resolve their problems through innovative approach which not only earned me their confidence but they were also inspired to work towards the causes that were dear to my heart. community work and fundraising for autism and cancer. While the experience expanded my horizon of knowledge of human relationship, it also made me more aware of the wider implications of the responsibilities of a leader. Another thing that I realized was that I actually wanted to do work so that I can serve as an example for others and inspire them to emulate me in working towards the welfare of the people.My deep desire to wish my classmates in the graduation ceremony motivated me stand for senior class presidency which I won with thumping majority. This has inspired me to create visions and future goals that would facilitate easy communication and class reunions. I realize now that each of us has a ‘small leader’ within ourselves and each of us can make a significant difference to the society at large if we really wish to do. My sincere efforts were rewarded

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