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Instructions.  Respond to each of the questions below by typing your answer in the corresponding answer box; the box will expand to accommodate answers of any length.  Upload your completed document to the appropriate iCollege assignment submission folder by the start of the class when the assignment will be discussed.  Bring a copy of this assignment with you to refer to and make any corrections to during class.  This assignment must be completed individually without any assistance or collaboration.

1. Personality in the USA. A researcher is interested to learn if personality characteristics different as a function of region of the country. The researchers gathers Big-5 personality scores for large samples of individual in 5 states from each region of the country (Northeast, Midwest, South, West). The data for the trait of neuroticism are below. Please conduct the appropriate analysis to answer the question: Do people from different regions of the country have different levels of neuroticism (α = .05). If there is a difference, please conduct all post hoc comparisons to determine the source of that difference.

T = 282.1T = 190T = 229T =293.4
M = 56.42M = 38M = 45.8M = 58.68
SS = 154.89SS = 66SS = 111.78SS = 38.07

Step 1:

Alternative Hypothesis:

Null Hypothesis:

Step 2:

K =

n1 =                 n2 =                 n3 =                 n4 =                 N =

G =

SSBetween = ∑ [T2 / n] – G2 / N =

SSWithin = ∑[SS] =

SSTotal = SSBetween + SSWithin =

dfBetween = k-1 =

dfWithin = N-k =

MSBetween = SSBetween / k-1 =

MSWithin = SSWithin / N-k =

Step 3.

α =

dfBetween =

dfWithin =

Fcritical =

Step 4.

Fobserved = MSBetween / MSWithin

Step 5.

Make a decision:

Step 6:

Calculate the effect size:

Step 7: Post Hoc Comparisons (if necessary):

HSD = q√(MSwithin /n) =

Calculate the Mean differences and indicate if this qualifies as a significant difference

Northeast v. Midwest:

Northeast v. South:

Northeast v. West:

Midwest v. South:

Midwest v. West:

South v. West:

2. For the following problems, complete the ANOVA table with the information given. The values that need to be filled in are highlighted.


3. Psychologists study children at different ages. In this study, data were collected from the same group of boys at ages 5, 6, and 7.  At each age, the children worked on a set of 25 problems that tested their understanding of the concept of conservation (i.e., the idea that quantity remains the same despite changes in shape).  The scores below represent percentage correct on the set of 25 problems for each child at each age.

 T = 56T = 72T = 320 
 M = 14M = 18M = 80 
 SS = 176SS = 80SS = 224 

Step 1.



Step 2:

K =                   n1 =                             n2 =                             n3 =                             N =

G =

SSBetween = ∑ [T2 / n] – G2 / N =

SSWithin = ∑[SS] =

SSTotal = SSBetween + SSWithin =

dfBetween = k-1 =

dfWithin = N-k =

MSBetween = SSBetween / k-1 =

MSWithin = SSWithin / N-k =

SSPeople = ∑ [P2 / k] – G2 / N =

SSError = SSWithin – SSPeople =

DfError = (N-k) – (n-1) =

MSError = SSError / (N-k) – (n-1) =

Step 3:


dfBetween = k-1 =

DfError = (N-k) – (n-1) =

Fcritical =

Step 4.                                                                                      Step 5.

Fobserved = MSBetween / MSError                                                                                                            Make a decision:

Effect Size:

SSBetween / SSTotal =

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